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Term Dates

2018 Term Dates

Term Event Date Day
Term 1
(9 weeks)
All Year Levels (P-12) commences 30th January Tuesday
Concludes 29th March Thursday
Term 2
(11 weeks)
All Year Levels (P-12) commences 16th April Tuesday
Concludes 29th June Friday
Term 3
(10 weeks)
All Year Levels (P-12) commences 16th July Tuesday
Concludes 21st September Friday
Term 4
(9 weeks)
All Year Levels (P-12) commences 9th October Tuesday
Year 12 formal lessons conclude 26th October  Friday
Year 11’s conclude 23rd November Friday
Year 9 and 10’s conclude 30th November Friday
P – Year 8 conclude 7th December Friday

Staff Days and Public Holidays

Term Date Day Event
Term 1 January 24th Wednesday Staff Day (College Closed)
January 25th Thursday Staff Day (College Closed)
January 26th Friday Australia Day Public Holiday
January 29th Monday Staff Day (College Open)
March 12th Monday Labour Day Public Holiday
March 30th Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
Term 2 April 16th Monday Staff Day (College Open)
April 25th Wednesday ANZAC Day Public Holiday
 May 25th Friday  Western Hub Conference (College Closed)
 June 11th Monday Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Term 3 July 16th Monday Staff Day (College Open)
August 6th Monday Sheepvention – Show Day
Term 4 October 8th Monday Staff Day (College Open)
November 6th Tuesday Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
December 10th Monday Staff Day (College Open)
December 11th Tuesday Staff Day (College Closed)