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Science Week

August 23, 2018

Science Week was last week, and, at the Senior Campus, many students spent their lunch break being scientific.

Monday was the day for throwing raw eggs of the roof, after, of course, students had designed and built structures to attempt to stop the eggs breaking.

Tuesday was the day for making rocks out of chocolate. Have you ever eaten an igneous rock before? They are delicious!

Wednesday was a day for exploring exploding fireworks. The chemistry of fireworks is spectacular to watch.

Thursday students got to examine the insides of a shark. This dissection event showed just how different all the creatures on Earth are from each other.

And finally, Friday was the great scientific scavenger hunt. Can you find something made from a single element? What about something that transmits genetic information in birds? Well, the students did. Five students managed to solve all ten clues, winning a chocolate frog for their efforts.

Good job, Good Shepherd Scientists!