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Nude Food Wednesday @ Junior!

February 14, 2019

Each Wednesday we are challenging students to bring their recess and lunch without any packaging or wrappers. Less wrappers means less rubbish, resulting in less landfill. We have organised a school trophy for the class that has the least amount of packaging each Wednesday. We have divided the number of wrappers by the number of class members. This gives each class a score that represents the number of wrappers per student (on average).

Congratulations to the Year 3/4 class who won the trophy this week!

Individually, each student who brings no wrappers each Wednesday earns a ticket into some NUDE FOOD prizes at the end of this semester. The more tickets, the better chance of winning a prize. Thank you to the parents who sent their children with lunches in reusable containers, a thermos, reusable jars, etc. Congratulations! We look forward to another challenge each Wednesday. The Prep class will join the NUDE FOOD CHALLENGE from week 6 onwards.