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Western HUB Conference

May 30, 2019

Last week, our staff had the pleasure of attending the Western Hub Conference at Tarrington, where over 100 Lutheran staff gathered to hear international speaker, Mr Derek Bartel, and LEVNT’s Education Officer, Mrs Kim Powell, on learning.

They spoke about preparing the Preps of today for the world of tomorrow not through content delivery but through the development of “soft skills” (grit, determination, collaboration, creativity) which will enable them to adapt to future positions.

Good Shepherd played a key role throughout the day, with the worship music being organised through our Director of Music, Mrs Lisa Marie McDonald and our staff, Mr Julian Gollash, Miss Helen Roseburgh, Miss Amy Hill and Mrs Rahel Bunge.

In addition, our parents, led by Mrs Victoria Venning, along with Mrs Jane Rensch, Mrs Rachel Verschuren, Mrs Juanita Pohl, Mrs Jane Rentsch, Miss Sophie Verschuren and Miss Gabby Rentsch (hope I haven’t missed anyone!), provided morning tea and lunch for the Western Hub. Great effort team!