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Senior Campus Exhibition Night

September 19, 2019

Our first Exhibition Evening at the Senior Campus was a great success, with many visitors in attendance.

The Drama was called, “The Story is…” and was written by our very own English and Drama teacher, Mr Gustav Pohl. The student performers were: Joel Jackson, Viky Cutchie, Victoria Bell, Stephen Roach, Hamish Murrihy, Sonia Tonissen and Dallas Kawau. Sarah Williams was also a great helper backstage, and was an understudy to all of the roles.

The students worked under the guidance and leadership of Mr Gustav Pohl and Miss Rachel Munro, and Mrs Juanita Pohl also worked her magic with the stage, setting, costumes and props.

We are very proud of the team who put the drama together and look forward to seeing our drama club grow into the future.

Voices of our angels were then heard, with the Junior Chamber Choir singing four songs from their repertoire under the leadership of Mrs Lisa McDonald. They were then followed by the Senior Vocal Ensemble who lifted spirits with the song, ‘This is why we sing,’ and two others. Lisa has a wonderful way of getting the best from our singers and again, we were treated to a wonderful performance. The choir was accompanied by Rev David Schulz and we are very appreciative of his time and dedication to the college in this way.

The displays of student work in the classrooms and corridors were simply amazing! A fantastic mixture of almost all of the subject areas, with evidence of real learning, together with students who were proud of their achievements made the learning areas a real buzz to walk around! Mrs Lisa Kyle was the instigator of this idea and all other staff were on board as well, working to ensure that the students had work presented of which they were proud.

I want to thank all of the staff and helpers involved in the Exhibition Evening, and hope that you, as our Good Shepherd community, are able to recognise their value.