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Staff Update

July 17, 2020

To start the semester, there are a number of staffing changes to support students and the college in general:

  • Gustav Pohl’s Yr 11/12 English will be split into two separate classes
  • Rachel Huf will be taking Yr 7 and Yr 8 Drama
  • Shane Jurecky will take on Yr 9/10 Drama
  • Rachel Munro will be reducing her time from full time to four days
  • Kerrie Schultz be returning to take Yr 7 and Yr 8 Textiles
  • Nathan Astbury, a student teacher, will be with us during July, supporting Paul Sutherland and Rachel Munro’s classes
  • Brad Kyle will increase his Business Manager role to four days a week (Monday-Thursday)
  • Juanita Pohl will be taking on the Finance Officer role, along side her current Personnel Officer role
  • Peter Landwehr has taken on the role as town bus driver, as well as taking on some additional maintenance roles