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Uniforms and Hair

November 13, 2020

Our Good Shepherd College uniform policy states that “the appearance of students is required to be neat, tidy and well groomed. Students are to wear the appropriate college uniform and shoes need to be kept polished. All items of uniform must be kept clean and in good condition at all times. Any damaged or badly worn items would be expected to be replaced promptly.”

Only Good Shepherd approved clothing is able to be worn at school. Leggings without the GSC logo are not acceptable, and students will be expected to wear either the shorts or the tracksuit pants if they do not have the approved leggings.

In terms of hair, it must not obscure the student’s vision, cover the student’s face or fall forwards, and it must complement the look of the college uniform. Longer hair must be tied back in a school coloured hair tie and hair should be pinned away from the face. Boys hair must be shorter than collar length. Hair styles must also not draw attention to the student.

Thank you for your assistance in helping the college maintain and continue to improve its high standard of uniform.