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Introducing our new staff – Welcome Samantha!

February 11, 2021

My name is Samantha Broadbent and I am a new teacher at GSC Senior Campus. I am teaching maths and also looking after Pierrepoint 1 PCG.

I grew up near the Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne and have since lived in remote Queensland and Mortlake. l love learning: I’m full of interesting stories and facts – though surprisingly mediocre at Trivia.

I love playing music: I was in a Stage Band on clarinet, a Concert Band on saxophone, and an internationally touring choir as an alto. I love being in my garden, growing food to cook and share: I’m about to put in a veggie patch and berry wall at my new Hamilton home, I made jam from some highway trees, and on the first day of school I woke up early and baked a loaf of bread before school so I could have a fresh (jam) sandwich!

I am also a nerd and proud of it. For example, I’m currently (re-)watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. l am already enjoying my classes at GSC and look
forward to getting to know my Year 7s and the wider community this year.