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Capital Works

September 9, 2021

We continue to move forward with a number of projects while students are offsite. The Junior Campus Courts continue to progress, with new retaining walls being installed this week. We have also decided to increase the size of the artificial turf surface to include some handball courts for students which will fit within the existing perimeter. In the coming weeks, the perimeter gum trees will be cut down to reduce leaf and gum nut litter on the new courts, while the old wire fence will be taken down, poles painted and a new mesh fence installed. We are hopeful of having this facility ready for student use at the beginning of Term 4.

The Senior Sports Hall will be completed by the end of the week. The exterior of the building has been painted and some new signage will be installed on Friday. Now that students have been using it, we will also make some small adjustments inside to prevent balls from going behind the backboard and the addition of some lines to the surface.