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A week in the Science Lab

March 31, 2022

The Science room has been buzzing with activity this term, with much enthusiasm from staff and students across the year levels from Year 7 to VCE. Students in VCE Chemistry and Biology have completed their Outcome 1 assessments which included some very interesting practical tasks.

 Year 11 Chemistry

Chloe, pictured below prepares a density column to show how different concentrations of salt will separate in a column. Food dyes are used to show the different densities.

Year 11/12 Biology

The VCE Biology class has been investigating the ways in which cells receive nutrients. We used potatoes and solutions of salt and sugar to demonstrate the principles of osmosis.

Year 10 Science

Our students have been working on a Genetics unit, creating models of DNA  and looking at how recent developments have helped in medicine and farming. We are now moving on to looking at the chemistry of the periodic table and the properties of different elements.

Year 8 Science

In Year 8 Science we are learning how cells use small structures called organelles to facilitate the processes of life. As a class we used fondant to create each of the organelles and set them in jelly to produce a whole cell. This activity has helped students to understand how the shapes of organelles help them to function inside of cells.

Year 7 Science

The Year 7 Science class has been learning about the particle theory of matter and how it can be used to explain many natural phenomena such as the states of matter as well as diffusion and density. To demonstrate these principles students were able to create their own ‘density towers’. By layering different liquids in the correct order they will naturally remain separated according to their various densities. We were then able to place solid objects into the towers to compare their density to that of the different liquids.
































students to understand how the shapes of organelles help them to function inside of cells.