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PC Group Work

June 17, 2022

In weeks six, eight and nine of Term Two we are having a focus each day in PCG. The weeks will consist of:

Management Monday – Checking of diaries, going through the weeks plan.
Teamwork Tuesday – Whole school treasure hunt in small groups, inter-PCG  lock-box challenge, inter-PCG marshmallow tower challenge.
Wellbeing Wednesday – Breathing, stretching and relaxation sessions as well as a guest speaker – Dr Andrew
Bradbeer – specializing in the importance of sleep.
Thoughtful Thursday – Activities such as the weekly online quiz, Scattergories, Articulate, Rapidough.
Fun Friday – Our last round of our tug-of-war competition then minute-to-win-it activities.

Dr Martin Seligman is an American psychologist, educator and author of self-help books. Since the late 90’s, Seligman has been an avid promoter within the scientific community for the field of positive psychology. He suggests that wellbeing is cultivated by the presence in our lives of six elements. By building up each of these six elements that support our wellbeing, we are more able to thrive and live life to the full.

PERMAH Framework
His PERMAH framework providence evidence-based, actionable ways to build our own wellbeing. Our group work involves the elements of positive relationships and health. We are sure that students will enjoy these activities and it will be a positive way for students to end their term.