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2023 Senior Student Leaders

October 28, 2022

Earlier this week I was pleased to be able to announce our new Student Leaders for 2023. We thank these students for their offer to serve our community. We have decided to widen the opportunities for students to grow as future leaders by having an expanded number of House Leaders – one for each Pastoral Care Group. This will provide more support for PCG teachers and enable students to develop their collaborative skills as they work together to support their House. We wish them all the best as they commence their new roles in the coming weeks.

College Captains – Amelia Thomas & James Tonissen

Academic Captain – Amelia Thomas

Service Captain – Adam Linke

Cultural Captain – Katherine Rentsch

Sport Captain – Alec Thomas

Kannenberg House Captains

K1 – Hamish Murrihy

K2 – Ryan Hilsdon

K3 – Jack Christie

Napier House Captains

N1 – Austin Parker

N2 – Angus Stewart

N3 – Chloe Eastwood

Pierrepoint House Captains

 P1 – Kane Agnew

P2 – Jordi Mitchell-Kenny

P3 – Fagan Boschma