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Mid-Season Netball Review

November 10, 2022

Our team of Good Shepherd Junior Girls entered the Hamilton Netball Association competition held on a Saturday morning. Round 1 was played at Pedrina Park against North Hamilton Gems, stand out performances went to Imogen Wedding for her continued determination in the centre third. The next game was played at HILAC where the season will see out the remaining games.

In round 2 the girls met College Seahorses, with a small amount of confidence under their belts they took the court and approached their opposition with grace. When the umpire informed the coaching staff that footwork was going to be pulled up, the girls switched into gear and remained determined to continue to develop their skills in this area. Round 2 honourable mentions go to Abbey Crawford for her support and encouragement towards her teammates.

Round 3 was played against Gray Street White. This round we managed to transition from a squad of 13 athletes to starting the game with just 5 filled positions. Two late entries allowed the girls to take the second quarter with a full side and it was this game where I could see the team starting to relax into their own style of play. They played with speed, and utilised the training skills for corridor work and clearing the space to re-offer beautifully. Stand out performances this round went to Esther Adams who was able to predict the play and make some astounding intercepts.

Round 4 occurred shortly after the Melbourne Cup Long weekend and here we met St Mary’s Marvels. By this point our girls run like a well-oiled machine, they are beginning to predict play and adjust to the umpire’s expectations.

Each game so far has resulted in a win on the board, but as a coach, the real takeaway is watching our team enthusiastically take the court, share court time, encouragement and nurture each other as the ball enters and leaves their hands.

I look forward to watching the rest of the season unfold.

Ms Amy Billiet
Netball Coordinator & Yr 3/4 Teacher