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Head of Senior News

March 31, 2023

Hello again and welcome to the second last article of Term 1. This term has flown by! This week, students have been extremely busy, partaking in a wide variety of activities. Final rehearsals are taking place for the college musical, Legally Blonde, Senior students attended the Western District Tertiary Information Service Seminar, students and staff lost their hair for a cause – The World’s Greatest Shave and we had 44 students represent the college at the GD Athletics Carnival in Portland.

In short, students are excited, tired, thrilled, exhausted and any other of a million other emotions. Importantly, we need our students to recognise that these emotions are normal and can often cause us to react in different ways. We must be patient and understanding of one another as we navigate this busy time. Ensuring adequate sleep and a healthy diet is also beneficial during such times.

Last week, I added a link from the Resilience Project – Only half of the address was hyperlinked resulting in some families having difficultly accessing the doc. Here it is again:

I wish you and your students all the best for the final week of term – with plenty of sleep and healthy food.

Mr Damien Evans
Head of Senior