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Bus Information


Good Shepherd College offers its educational program to families from all areas in the greater Hamilton region and beyond with an extensive transport network to enable students to travel to the college.



Good Shepherd College Buses

Good Shepherd College operates three bus services, two local Hamilton runs and a service from Portland to Hamilton.

The Hamilton town runs provides a free pick up and drop off service to the house. If required, students are able to be dropped off at the After School Hours Care service at Gray Street Primary School. This is a free service for families.

The Portland run begins at St John’s Lutheran School and will pick up students along the route. This bus also picks up students from the Baimbridge College Interchange and transports them to the college.

If you wish for your child/ren to use our private bus network, please contact Mrs Caryn Christie via email or telephone 5571 2236.


Hamilton Bus Network

Government Bus Network – PTV: Public Transport Victoria
Good Shepherd College and the Hamilton Schools Bus Network are participating in a pilot to improve the administration of school buses, through the introduction of an online travel application system.

Transport on Department of Education country buses is free to the nearest appropriate school. Fares for travel to a school which is not the nearest are charged on a distance basis and are payable per term in advance.

Country Buses serve the following areas: Coleraine, Konongwootong, Melville Forest, Cavendish, Mooralla, Victoria Valley/Mirranatwa (Strathkellar Rd), Dunkeld, Glenthompson, Woodhouse (Chatsworth Rd, Caramut, and Penshurst/Gazette), Byaduk, Macarthur (Mt Napier Rd and Port Fairy Rd), Wallacedale, Condah, Branxholme, Digby and Merino.

To apply for government bus travel, please go to

If you require further information, please contact Mrs Caryn Christie – or telephone 5571 2236.