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Governance (College Council)

The college is governed by the Good Shepherd College Council which develops, maintains and administers

Good Shepherd College as an educational institution on behalf of the Lutheran Church of Australia. The members of Council are elected by the Synodical Convention of the Church. Members with specific expertise may be seconded to the Council by the Council Executive from time to time.

The College Council exercises four general functions:

  • set the strategic direction and strategic plan for the college;
  • approve particular policies, positions or strategic directions that work in the interests of maintaining and improving the school’s overall performance profile;
  • advise the Principal and senior administration on any matter brought before it where that advice is considered useful and appropriate; and
  • monitor the Council’s policies, positions and strategic directions to ensure that the school is working in harmony with Council intentions.


College Council Chair Mrs Victoria Venning
College Council Vice-Chair Mrs Beth Tonissen
College Council Secretary Mrs Beth Tonissen
College Council Members Mr Matthew Rentsch
Mrs Amy Button
Mr Les Rose
Mrs Kath Hartwich
Mr Tony Peters
Ex-Officio Members Mrs Melissa Evans (Principal)
Mr Brad Kyle (Business Manager)

Sub Committee Structure