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Mission and Vision Statement

Good Shepherd College is a place of faith and learning where people are inspired, cared for and equipped to live as active contributors in the community.

We are committed to and value nurturing people:

  • who are learning centered (Learning)
    by creating an environment where all have a passion to explore, discover and analyse their world so that they might live in and serve their community
  • who are spiritually sensitive (Spirituality)
    by encouraging individuals to examine and express their spirituality and be open to the work of the Holy Spirit
  • who are environmentally aware (Environment)
    by developing an awareness of our responsibility as caretakers of the world
  • with a conscience (Service)
    by encouraging active service and a compassionate heart for the social needs and injustices of the world
  • with a heart (Relationships)
    by caring for the wellbeing of people so that each individual can realise their God-given potential: academically, spiritually, physically, culturally, socially and emotionally
  • with a heritage (Community)
    by acknowledging our indigenous and non-indigenous origins, learning about our national, religious and family heritage

More than a Good Education…. An Education for Good.

At Good Shepherd we learn, not for ourselves alone, but for the strengthening of others and our world.