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Pastoral Care


Every student in on the senior campus at Good Shepherd College belongs to a Pastoral Care Class. Here, they are under the care of a teacher whose role is to be the first point of contact for parents, students and other staff in most matters relating to the student’s well-being and growth within the college’s program.

The college believes that each person is an individual of worth, to be encouraged, nurtured and supported as they make the transition from child to adult. From the 40 Developmental Assets applied across the College, student care and development is of prime importance.

The Pastoral Care structure also plays an integral role in developing a sense of belonging.

Within the Junior Campus, class teachers foster strong mutual relationships based on respect and acceptance. Students are encouraged to develop skills in restoring relationships if there are problems. Our endeavour to provide a safe, happy environment for all is given a very high priority.

On the Senior Campus, students are part of a vertical class system where the Pastoral Care teacher is a key person in their care and wellbeing, with the Pastoral Care class meeting each day. Students are encouraged to take active roles in their Pastoral Care class, nurturing a spirit of pride and respect. Pastoral Care lessons include issues such as how we develop resilience, how we cope with loss and grief, bullying and harassment, cyber-safety and many other issues in regards to their well-being and character development. It follows the 40 developmental assets program. Pastoral Care Classes come together for assemblies, chapel services and devotions.

Policies relating to appropriate student behaviour encourage individuals to develop a sense of responsibility and also protect individual rights.