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Student Leadership



Student leadership at Good Shepherd is developed within formal programs but also nurtured and reinforced as a response to the values base and culture of the College.

Two College Captains are elected each year, along with four Action Group captains from the senior campus for Academic, Service, Sport and Culture. In addition, two Junior College captains are elected from the junior campus, along with four Action Group captains for Academic, Service, Sport and Culture. These positions make up the formal leadership positions at the college. These students are awarded their positions following an application and interview process and receive specific training, support and mentoring in developing their capabilities within their roles.

Leading Opportunities

Opportunities to lead include College events such as swimming and sporting carnivals, public events such as ANZAC Day ceremonies as well as being representatives of the student body to College executive.

The college Christian Studies and pastoral care programs encourage students to reflect upon their personal values and the opportunities to be of service to those around them. The college value of conscience, that is putting your values into practice, requires students to be courageous, at times in risky situations and this culture encourages leadership in all our students.