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Application Process


 A short breakdown of what you may expect from the enrolment process:

  1.  Sparked Interest
    We aim to have a strong and positive social presence in town; be it via the Facebook posts we share, our newspaper or radio ads, or the good ol’, faithful word of mouth.  Thank you for noticing us!
  2. Enquiry Form
    This is the first form that you’ll receive. It’ll be quick and easy to complete. This gives us a basic idea of who you are, who your child is, and why you’re interested to find out more about our school.
  3. Personal Tour of the School Grounds
    We consider ourselves blessed to have two absolutely beautiful campuses. We are constantly thinking of ways to further enhance our facilities.
    If you haven’t had a tour yet, please tell us – we’d love to show you around!
  4. Application Form
    If we’ve kept your interest and you want your child to become part of a blossoming school community, this is the form that you’ll complete next. It’s more comprehensive and requires payment of a $100 application fee.
  5. Interview with the Principal
    After your application has been processed, we’ll arrange an interview with our principal, Mr. Shane Jurecky, and/or our deputy principal, Mrs. Ali Wedding.
    They’re all about getting to know parents and building relationships that will last through all the seasons of your child’s school career.
  6. Letter of Offer
    If your application is successful, you’ll receive a Letter of Offer: our invitation to you to enrol your child into Good Shepherd College.  If you accept our offer, a $250 deposit is payable to secure your child’s placement:
  • $200 will be deducted from tuition fees after completion of a full year;
  • $50 will be allocated to GSC Old Scholars Life Membership.

And then you’re in!  We look forward to getting to know you and your child.

So, first things first, kindly complete the no-obligations Enquiry Form:

Enquiry Form
823.74 KB   182 downloads

If you’re ready to take the next step, you may complete the Enrolment Application Form:

Enrolment Application Form
338 KB   317 downloads

 Please send these forms to