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Enrolment Policy

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April 1994 (Enrolment Policy)
June 2002 (Enrolment Procedure)
Every 3 Years (May 2018)
Revised (Sep 99, Sep 04)

Policy Statement


Good Shepherd College, Hamilton Victoria which is owned and operated by the Lutheran Church of Australia (Victorian / Tasmanian District) offers its programs in Christian Education to all applicants regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion, ability or disability, provided that:

  • through enrolment procedures, parents seeking enrolment for their child, and the child concerned, undertake to support willingly and freely the stated purposes of Good Shepherd College;
  • adequate and appropriate space and resources are available;
  • parents applying for admission for a child/children with a special need/s supply the required information needed and that enrolment may be refused if documentation and analysis of the situation suggest that the school cannot reasonably provide for the curriculum and/or physical needs of the child/children.

When enrolment prioritising is necessary, priorities will be determined by the Good Shepherd College Principal.

The current enrolment priorities are:

  1. children of families where the parent(s) and / or children are members of a congregation of the Lutheran Church of Australia;
  2. siblings of current or former students of the school;
  3. students proceeding from Lutheran Primary Schools in the surrounding area;
  4. students proceeding / transferring from other schools associated with the Lutheran Church of Australia;
  5. children of members of other Christian denominations;
  6. students or other members of the community in order of application.

In special circumstances, students may be accepted contrary to this priority order at the discretion of the Principal.

Definite applications for enrolment are to be made on the specific forms available from the offices at either campus.  When these are completed and signed by the parent or guardian they should be forwarded to the Principal.

Parent/s or guardian/s who apply to enrol a child/children at the college are required to attend an interview with the Principal at a mutually convenient time before admission of their child / children to the school.

Procedural Statement

Enrolment Procedure

Upon an enquiry from a prospective family, they will be provided with a copy of the college Prospectus, which includes the Enrolment Form. Details of name, address, phone number and level of entry are recorded on the Enrolment Enquires database for future follow up.

An Enrolment Form is completed by the parent(s) and should include a family reference and other information as indicated.

An interview with the Principal before admission is required.

On acceptance of enrolment, a non-refundable student confirmation fee of $100.00 is payable within fourteen days of the offer of a place.

Early each year, an information evening is held where an overview of Good Shepherd’s educational program, its philosophy and practice is explained.

If a student is to leave the college, Parents agree to give written notice to the college no later than the first day of the term at the end of which the student intends to leave (if the student intends to leave part way through a term, notice must be given no later than the first day of the immediately preceding term). If Parents fail to comply a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be charged. Students who leave the college part way through a term shall not be entitled to any pro-rata refund of fees for that term.

Parents and guardians are asked to refer to the Good Shepherd College Privacy Policy for information on how the College uses information provided during the enrolment process.