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Junior Campus


We believe in preparing students for the real-world! Curriculum on the junior campus aims to develop students’ knowledge, processes, skills and attitudes in order for them to be active learners and life participants. We seek to facilitate learning experiences in order that each child is fostered cognitively, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally.

The curriculum at Good Shepherd College is dynamic, practical and ongoing. It constantly seeks to ensure that learning is meaningful, developmental and purposeful. It retains an ‘old basics’ philosophy whereby consistent teaching and learning of core skills in Mathematics and English, we believe, will equip our students with the necessary requirements to operate effectively in the twenty-first century. Our Mathematics, English and Science curriculum reflects the Victorian Curriculum guidelines and regulations.

Our students learn Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, The Arts, LOTE (German), Health and Physical Education and Information Technology. Also, as part of our Christian faith and belief, students learn Christian Studies which is based on the Lutheran Education Australia Christian Studies Curriculum Framework. They have many opportunities to engage in different sporting, cultural and interest activities throughout the year.

The presentation of the curriculum in our classrooms occurs through the explicit teaching of each subject. Within some key learning areas, units of work are developed around themes and serve as connection points across subjects.

Whilst we understand that all children will vary in their levels of understanding and development of skills throughout the year, every effort is made to ensure that:

  • Students are provided with a safe learning environment in order for them to develop in as many areas as possible.
  • Students are provided with constant support and reinforcement to practise vital skills.
  • All children are encouraged to gain competency in basic processes, knowledge and skills within disciplines and key concepts in order to move through year levels with confidence.
  • Students are given the opportunity to receive additional learning support in Literacy and Numeracy under the direction of our Learning Support Teacher.
  • Students who qualify are given the opportunity to be extended beyond the core curriculum.

Good Shepherd College seeks to develop happy, confident, independent youngsters with a solid learning base in all areas of the curriculum.