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Classroom Learning

August 16, 2018

Often, regular student learning may go unnoticed, and is seen as an everyday occurrence that doesn’t warrant special mention. However, it has been really exciting to see some of the special learning experiences students have been able to participate in over the past week, including: 

  • Year 8 English students writing short story picture books and sharing these with Year 5/6 students, who were also able to give feedback to the Year 8’s about their story and illustrations;
  • Our Year 9/10 Agricultural students who have between developing their farm enterprise ideas this term, including some innovative ideas such as podcasting agricultural stories online; growing native plants; constructing a millworm farm; growing cut flowers for sale; selling loose leaf tea and even constructing an automatic gate opener
  • Senior students undertook a range of service learning opportunities last Friday, with a focus on serving others. Students weaved baskets out of newspaper, pressure washed around the Hamilton church, cleaning up areas damaged by water on the courts and starting painting murals for the lunch room