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Holiday Works

October 11, 2018

As with most holiday breaks at Good Shepherd, improvements to the capital infrastructure of the college continued to be implemented. Of greatest excitement is of course the commencement of work on our new Multi-purpose Hall/Chapel at the senior campus. Large gaps have been cut in the brick work to create more natural light to enter the space, the electrical fit out has occurred, the base of the stage has been installed and preparations for the new glass windows (to be installed next week) have been undertaken. After the windows are installed, work will begin on installing plasterboard to the internals and a new acoustic, floating ceiling will be installed.

On the junior campus, work has continued in preparation for 2019. New class doors have been fitted to the hall, staff room and entrance area, while large sliding doors have been created in the Year 5/6 room, with the doors to be fitted by the end of the week. In addition, a large stacker door has been installed inside the Year 5/6 room to replace the old concertina doors. These changes will allow for the creation of new, agile learning spaces, the potential for increased classes and assist in the final classroom renovations of the Year 5/6 room at the end of this year.