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Year 11 Camp

February 8, 2019

Last week, the year 11 students embarked on a Leadership and Study Camp at Deakin University in Warrnambool. There were many learning opportunities during this 4 day camp. Firstly, our students lived in typical university accommodation where they experienced living in a group setting, working with a budget, planning, shopping for and cooking meals while also navigating the public transport system and organising entertainment. This was a huge learning curve as, being a larger group this year, many voices needed to be heard in order to make a final decision.

Secondly, Mr Jurecky led leadership seminars where students contemplated the idea of leadership and what it takes to be a leader, not just of others, but of oneself. Thirdly, I held a study session where students learned the 7 secrets of being a successful VCE student. I was delighted to see that many of these practices were put in to place during the various study sessions the students embarked on. Overall, it was a very successful camp and students got to identify and reflect on their areas of strength, and also the areas to work on over the course of the year.