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Junior Campus SRC Announced

February 15, 2020

Good Shepherd College provides many opportunities for students to shine in different areas. Our students have a
voice that is heard, is listened to, and is acted upon. One of the ways that students have a voice at the Junior Campus is through the Student Representative Council (SRC).

The SRC was announced this week at our Monday morning assembly, with 8 students receiving their SRC badge. Under the guidance of Mr Julian Gollasch (Mr J), the SRC will coordinate events and suggest improvements to the campus. Our assembly is held each Monday at 9am and is a time where we sing the National Anthem, recite the Oath, and teachers can remind students of events in the week ahead. Parents are welcome to attend the assembly which goes for approximately 10 minutes.

Congratulations to the following students who were elected as member of the SRC in
Service Captain: Sophie Crawford
Prep: Isabel Gaio
Year 1: Digby Price
Year 2: Renae Parker
Year 3: Samuel Venning
Year 4: Leayla Pohl
Year 5: Samuel Obagbemi
Year 6: Jamison Murray