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2021 Subject Selection Information

June 18, 2020

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, we will be unable to hold our planned Subject Selection Evening for all our current Year 8-11 families where we share information from various providers about subject offerings the college provides.

Instead, on Tuesday afternoon, these families received an email from me with the relevant Subject Selection booklets and forms. I have also been meeting with all students during their normal Christian Studies lessons to explain the process, list what options they have and have listened to their questions. Families are encouraged to make contact with me if they have any questions regarding the process or future options. There are still a number of processes to work through before the final confirmation of subjects occurs. This includes:

  • All Subject Selection Forms need to be returned by Friday 17th July (the first Friday back for Term 3)
  • Counselling with students (and families) will begin on Wednesday 22nd July – especially if students need to modify their subject choices because of future pathways, availability or suitability
  • Confirmation of subjects will take place on Friday 14th August, with a letter being sent home (to be used for booklists).