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Week 6 Stars of the Week

November 19, 2020
  • Aarush Arun for excellent efforts in his
    homework and very neat handwriting. Well done Aarush!
  • Holly Verschuren for her original and creative ideas during our Integrated Studies lessons. Well done Holly!
  • Henry Wear for giving it your all and
    SPRINTING as fast as lightning to the finish line!
  • Sienna Jolly for putting lots of effort and care into your school work.
  • Hannah Lehmann for her concentration and continued effort in Maths lessons. Keep it up Hannah!
  • Norah Sutherland for her recent work on
    poetry throughout English lessons. Very
    creative Norah!
  • Angus Jackson for giving a 100% effort in all of his work in class. And for being so polite and selfless.
  • Gabi Rentsch for her amazing manners, hard work and selflessness at school.