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Netball News

November 12, 2021

Good Shepherd teams played their first round of netball at HILAC this weekend. Players put in an absolutely awesome effort on the court, special thanks to our coaches, umpires and parent supporters.

GSC Emeralds (11/U) played Gray St Maroon, finishing a score of 1-to-34. The team and their parents cheered that one goal as if it was 10 and, despite the score, they all enjoyed the game and learnt new skills.

GSC Sapphires (13/U) played Gray St, finishing 10-to-14. We are especially thankful to the Gray St team for allowing one of their players to substitute on our team as we were down a player due to illness.

GSC Rubies (11/U) played Dunkeld,
finishing with a score of 4-to-6.

Huge thanks to Tonya McRostie who has coordinated the teams and communication over the past couple of weeks in readiness for the season. Thanks also to the HNA committee for their tireless work putting the season together!